Day 14: My Commute (30 Days of Gratitude)

I have a long commute. Four days a week I head by car (15 mins), train (50 mins), and foot (15 mins) to San Francisco. All in, it takes me close to 90 minutes to get to the office.

During that time I listen to audiobooks and podcasts, read scriptures, answer emails, and tackle work-related projects. My time spent commuting actually helps me prepare for the day’s challenges.

On my way home, I have time to tie up loose ends and close out the day. Most days I have time to read for pleasure (I’m currently reading Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith — great book).

By the time I walk through the door, I’m able to completely unplug. I’m 100% focused on my family.

Having a long commute is not ideal. In fact, there’s data suggesting it can be harmful to relationships. But for the last four months I’ve been able to make it work. It would be a lot worse if I had to sit in traffic. I’m thankful I can travel by train and don’t have any wasted time.

I’m grateful for my commute.


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