Nathan Tanner

Day 13: Lifelong Friends (30 Days of Gratitude)

I have two friends from high school I text almost every day. Occasionally my wife asks what\’s new in their life or how their families are doing. I never have a good answer.

My friends and I rarely talk about *important* things. We\’re too busy sending funny memes or reminiscing about ridiculous stuff we did when we were young (like the time one wore just a Speedo and cape to school).

Each day I have a lot that needs to get done. It seems almost everywhere I look I see more responsibility. Texting my friends is a release valve. It\’s really nice to get a hilarious text between meetings or in the middle of a critical project. Humor makes the day go better. It lightens my load.

There are no expectations in our friendship. We could go weeks months without speaking in person or over the phone and we\’d all be fine. We\’ve experienced enough together that I don\’t need to worry about the health of our relationship. I only need to find something goofy or absurd to send them.

I\’m grateful for lifelong friends.