Nathan Tanner

Daily Gratitude: Marco Polo (Day 1,086)

In April 2017 I kicked off a gratitude challenge where I wrote a daily blog post for 30 days (more on my learnings here). When the challenge ended I decided to continue the habit but only occasionally share gratitudes on my blog.  

One of the challenges I’ve faced while physically isolating during COVID-19 is the lack of connection to the outside world. Marco Polo (no, not that one, or that one) is a video chat app that’s been a gamechanger for me.

There are countless ways to stay connected. Phone calls, Facetime, and Zoom/WebEx are great for real-time, synchronous communication. They’re great for talking with friends, family, and colleagues at the same time. Text messages work well for asynchronous communication and I love being able to respond at times that are convenient.

I love Marco Polo because it provides asynchronous video communication. I experience the joy of connecting face-to-face but don’t have to get everyone together at the same time. Through Marco Polo, I can watch video messages at my leisure, then create and send a video when convenient. It’s super easy to use and makes staying in touch fun.

Isolating physically has been a challenge for me and countless others. Meaningful connection is a basic need for everyone and I’m grateful we have technology in Marco Polo that can help fill that need.