Nathan Tanner

↗️ Want to Build Positive Momentum in Your Life? Celebrate Your Wins.

Here\’s one simple practice that will create positive energy, grow self confidence, and build momentum in your life. 

Last month I sent my coaching clients Reflections and Actions, a doc that gave them a step-by-step approach to reflect on 2022 and set goals for 2023. Naturally, I completed the exercise myself. 

Of the five sections, the one that was most valuable was the first—celebrating wins from the year. I have a tendency to be self critical and focus on what needs to be improved. But this exercise filled me with gratitude and appreciation for the wins I was able to chalk up in 2022. 

A small 2022 win that turned out to be big was setting up an LLC for my coaching business. It was something that needed to be done but it was an administrative burden I kept putting it off. Setting up the LLC made my business real. It was a signal to myself that I was going pro.

When we celebrate our wins, even the small ones, we feel good about the progress we’ve made. When we feel better about ourselves, we’re more likely to take action. Taking positive action leads to more wins. And the more wins we accumulate, the more we want to keep winning. A virtuous cycle is created. 

It\’s been said that most of us overestimate what we can do in a day but underestimate what we can do in a year. I’ve found a lot of truth in that.  

If you feel overwhelmed with what’s in front of you this year, or lack the energy to do what you need to do, close your laptop (or phone).

Pause. Breathe.

Look back on all the wins you had last year. Celebrate those wins. Notice how your energy shifts. Find a small win for today. Then build on that. 

I invite you to share in the comments: what was a win you had in 2022?