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Not Your Parents' Workplace

Young people are walking into a turbulent and ever-changing business environment. I learned this firsthand. Within a few months of graduating college, my company went bankrupt and I lost my job. For months I struggled to find work.
Not Your Parents’ Workplace shares an intimate account of the highs and lows I’ve experienced as a young professional. But more importantly, it teaches lessons that will help career starters find their dream job and be successful. These lessons include:
The stories and lessons shared in this book will help you learn how to take charge of your career and find success in the new business world.

More Praise for Not Your Parents’ Workplace

“Nathan has extracted the hard-won lessons from his own experience and created a practical, relevant guide to help all newcomers get into the game and thrive in the new world of work.”
-Liz Wiseman, Bestselling author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts


Not Your Parents’ Workplace is an insightful and candid look at the new career landscape. You’ll learn a lot from Nathan’s journey. Better yet, you’ll be inspired by his hustle and persistence.”
-Ben Casnocha, Bestselling co-author of The Start-up of You and The Alliance
“Nathan Tanner’s insights on career choices reflect wisdom personified. His writing is compelling; his stories are captivating; and his lessons learned are priceless. This is the best book I have seen on navigating a career journey.”
-Dave Ulrich, #1 Management Guru (Businessweek), Most Influential Person in HR (HR Magazine)
“Nathan knows what it takes to succeed in today’s business world. This book is a must-read for anyone striving to launch a successful career.”
-David Bradford, Chairman of HireVue, Former CEO of Fusion-IO
“I found myself empathizing and being entertained while reading this enthralling book. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. The career and life lessons shared are invaluable.”
-W. Steve Albrecht, Board member of Red Hat, Cypress Semiconductor, and SkyWest Airlines
“These lessons are invaluable for undergraduates and young professionals, as well as for HR veterans struggling to understand millennial motivations.”
-Kim Smith, Managing Director of BYU Peery Institute of Financial Services
“Nathan’s perspective and experiences are perfect for college students and recent grads. Not Your Parents’ Workplace is one of those books you can read over and over again and apply the vital lessons to your current situation.”
-Matt Kolar, LinkedIn Business Leadership Program
“As one who works with students and young professionals as they make career changes, Not Your Parents Workplace will be my go to guide. Nathan weaves together his experiences and personal learning with valuable lessons we can all use.”
-Paul Godfrey, Business Strategy Professor at BYU, Author of More than Money