Nathan Tanner

The Stealthy Guide to Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Recruiter-Ready

Did you know that 93% of companies use LinkedIn to recruit new employees? You heard that right. Every day recruiters spend countless hours scouring profiles on the site in search of great candidates to hire.

Needless to say, whether you’re an active candidate (“I can’t stand another minute of my job”) or a passive candidate (“I’d leave, but the role would have to be amazing”), you want a presence on the platform.

But how do you start preparing for your next move without letting your co-workers know? If your boss finds out you’re looking for a new job, you risk damaging your relationship, consequently, missing out on key projects, or worst-case scenario: losing your job. While many companies wouldn’t react so harshly to the information that one of its employees was job searching, you’d be wise to keep your intentions under wraps, if only for the sake of avoiding any awkwardness with your team.

Here are four concrete steps you can take to get your profile recruiter ready without letting anyone at your company know what you’re up to.

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