Nathan Tanner

Friday Favorites: 5 best things I read this week

Zenefits: What’s life really like inside an ailing unicorn?
I’m fascinated by Zenefits, a startup that provides free HR software to small companies. They grew from 15 to 1,400 employees in less than two years and peaked at a $4.5 billion valuation. Then the wheels fell off and the CEO got pushed out. LinkedIn editor Caroline Fairchild spoke with 20+ employees to learn what it’s been like to work there.

How a Mexican janitor invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
Richard Montañez’s story of how he became an Executive Vice President at one of the largest food companies is incredible. And now he’s giving back to provide the next generation of Latino’s with opportunity.

A top recruiter on what anyone can see after 30 seconds with your resume
Ambra Benjamin, an experienced recruiter, walks through how she quickly determines whether a candidate is the right fit. Keywords, formatting, cover letters, online presence. It’s all covered here.

Jack Dorsey explains how he manages 18-hour workdays at 2 companies
The CEO of Twitter and Square shares how he manages running both companies. And on the surface things seem to be going quite well. I’m sure this puts a strain on employees who have to adapt to his dual schedules.

How ‘Rocky’ turned the common man into a hero and Sylvester Stallone into a star
I love the Rocky movies (#2 is my personal favorite), but Stallone’s story of how he got his movie career off the ground is even more inspirational.

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