Nathan Tanner

How Warriors CEO & Owner Joe Lacob Builds a Winning Culture

Relentlessly pursuing excellence.

That’s how Joe Lacob defined the culture of the Golden State Warriors when speaking to LinkedIn employees today.

Lacob’s visit was a part of the LinkedIn Speaker Series where leaders and thinkers share inspiring ideas with our more than 10,000 employees.

As owner and CEO of the Warriors, Lacob said that his role is to set clear goals for what the organization should accomplish, then hire amazing people who can help him reach those goals.

I loved Lacob’s candor. He spoke from the heart and answered questions directly. His responses weren’t always politically correct, but he was genuine. It was refreshing to hear someone of his caliber speak in such a way.

Lacob’s commitment and passion for winning was palpable throughout the 60 minutes he shared with us. At one point he was asked why the Warriors signed Kevin Durant when they had just finished a record 73-win season. Lacob was quick to respond that his goal is not to just be good, or even great. He wants the Warriors to be the absolute best.

To be the best, you have to be 100% committed to improvement. In Lacob’s words, you must relentlessly pursue excellence in all you do. Those are his expectations for himself and for the entire Warriors organization.

And those are the expectations we should have of ourselves. Whether we’re an NBA all-star, an executive, a college student, a parent, or a minimum-wage worker. We can all commit to continuous improvement. We can all relentlessly pursue excellence.