Nathan Tanner

How to Bounce Back After You Lose Your Job

The day was January 14, 2009, but it still feels like yesterday.

Sitting at my desk, I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned, I was greeted by the head of my group, who asked, “Can you please swing by my office?” I knew it was over. I sheepishly followed him, like a kid being escorted to the principal’s office, my heart pounding uncontrollably.

Our conversation lasted only a minute or two. He thanked me for my work and told me that times were tough. Cuts needed to be made. He handed me the number for our HR rep and wished me the best. Moments later, I was asked to leave the building.

I’d only been an investment banking analyst for six months. Considering that I joined the company in 2008, I knew that the industry was in a weird place. For weeks there had been talks of layoffs, and I had a gut feeling that when they came, I would be included.

I wasn’t wrong.

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