Nathan Tanner

5 Questions That’ll Help You Pinpoint Why You’re Unhappy at Work

We’re all on an endless quest for happiness, aren’t we?

And there are certainly career benefits to pursuing this endeavor. Harvard Business Review reports that happy people are 31% more productive, have 37% higher sales, and are three times more creative than their peers.

There are countless habits and hacks that can help, including exercise, expressing gratitude, or starting a side project, but how do you know what will really make you feel happy in your career?

When I was in college, I stressed a lot about whether the career I chose would be fulfilling. I’d seen plenty of people who were miserable in their jobs, and I wanted none of that. As I sought advice from friends and family, I was frequently told I should “do something I love” or “pursue my passion.” None of that advice resonated though because I didn’t yet know what I loved, and I worried that I’d never figure it out.

My path hasn’t been a straight line, and I’ve had my fair share of setbacks, but I’ve learned a lot along the way.

By asking myself the following five questions throughout my career, I’ve been able to pinpoint causes of my discontent and determine what changes I needed to make to be happy.

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