Nathan Tanner

Day 1: Coconut Bai (30 Days of Gratitude)

I love Bai. I drank my first one last summer at my parents’ house in Las Vegas (I mean Henderson, sorry mom). A few days into our visit an extra trip to Costco was made to bai buy more. They were that good.

Several months later I interviewed for a role at DoorDash. Between interviews the recruiter walked me through the kitchen and offered a drink. I quickly noticed a coconut-flavored Bai and immediately knew the rest of the interviews would be great. When I got the offer, I joked to my wife that the main reason I would accept was that their fridge was stocked with Bai.

We have four refrigerators in the office, each filled with different flavors. The coconut ones are my favorite, and I’ll sometimes go completely out of my way to track one down. I honestly think that if DoorDash were to discontinue stocking Bai, my morale and engagement would take a huge hit.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, check out their Super Bowl commercial

Disclaimer: I\’m not getting paid to promote Bai, but happy to work out an arrangement if Justin Timberlake falls through.)

I am grateful for Coconut-flavored Bai.