Nathan Tanner

How Are You Complicit in Creating the Conditions You Say You Don’t Want? (Question of the Week)

This is a powerful question that helps us reframe the problems in front of us.

When we’re faced with challenging circumstances, it’s human nature to point the finger at others. Our boss is a jerk, our coworkers are to blame, The markets are awful, etc.

As long as we’re blaming others, we won’t take ownership. As long as our focus is outward, we won’t do the hard work of looking inward.

When we identify where we’ve been complicit and how we’ve contributed to the conditions we don’t want, we’re no longer an innocent bystander. We take ownership for our behavior. This allows us to see things clearly. We take our power back.

So I invite you to ask yourself this question: How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?